General Questions

Q: What is a Sked?
A: Sked is shortened version of the word Schedule. It can refer to a flight schedule, a baseball schedule, or any other type of schedule.
(source: wikipedia)

Q: How does Skedlinks work?
A: 3 Easy Steps:
1) Register Account
2) Design your Sked
3) Make Payment
You can find a Sked Demo here. So you get a look and feel how unbelievable easy it is to design your own Sked.

Q: Do you offer any discounts for bulk ordering customers?
A: Yes, you can load Credits to your account and save up to 15%.

Q: Does Skedlinks offer Support?
A: Sure, you can use the contact form to get support.
Q: Can I use this service to rank any website url?
A: Yes and the links will also work for Videos (Youtube, Vimeo etc.), Google+, Twitter, Facebook etc..

Sked Questions

Q: What are scheduled Backlinks?
A: Imagine trying to get 100's of new backlinks each day, this would be a full time job.
Now this is where scheduled backlinks come into the picture. Instead of manually adding your link to different websites or web pages, you designate the URL's, keywords, the time each day, and the amount of links that you want automatically built. Each day new backlinks are created to your specified URL's and keywords. Using a scheduled backlinking system, not only saves you time, but provides you the option to generate new and fresh daily built backlinks.

Q: What link types to you offer?
A: We offer Web 2.0, Comments, Bookmarks and Wiki Links. Further information can be found here .

Q: Don't I need to create accounts at all these sites first?
A: No. Skedlinks will handle the whole account creating and rotating process. No captcha costs nor account management.

Q: Do I have to ping the received links?
A: No. We use indexing service for web 2.0, wikis and bookmark links. The comments will be found by google day by day. So this is a naturally drip feed.

Q: If I buy High PR Links (Comments) is it Domain PR or Page PR?
A: Page PR. We leave your links on a page with Pagerank.

Q: If I buy High PR Links (Web 2.0) is it Domain PR or Page PR?
A: Domain PR. Since the blog post is generated on your demand it can not have PR but Domain PR.

Order Process Questions

Q: How do I hand in unlimited URLs and Keywords?
A: You need to use the .txt file upload at the order details box.
Format: url#keywords
You can find an example here.

Report Questions

Q: Will I receive a report for all the links?
A: Yes. You can download the daily reports or a whole Sked report with all your links.

Q: What does the report look like?
A: The report contains URL, PR Domain, PR Page, Dofollow, OBL, Keyword, Posted URL. All report are whitelabeled. No connection to Skedlinks.com so you can send the report to your customers.

Q: When does the reports become available for download?
A: The daily reports become available through the day. The whole sked reports with all your links gets updated when a new package has been executed. Mostly some hours after midnight. A server time can be found on the top right.

Payment Questions

Q: Why should I buy credits?
A: You can save up to 15% if you load credits to your account. It is a lot easier to pay with credits because you don't have to login to paypal each time.

Q: How can I make the payment?
A: PayPal, Skrill and Credit Card (Visa , Mastercard & American Express) through PayPal.

Q: PayPal is not available in my country. What can I do?
A: Thats why we integrated Skrill. Get an account here.

If you have any further question feel free to contact us.