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Our company is serving the internet marketers with backlinks since 2012.
We asked every user if we are allowed to make the email public so you can reach/ask them for any need.

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Here are some of the reviews we got so far.

I use for a lot of sites. I started in July 2014 with a self designed Sked.
The Sked I developed is for medium competitive niches and covers most of my link building tactics.
This one month Sked ranks all my new sites! But the best is, I have saved it as a Template.
So for every new site I can do the whole link building in just 2 minutes!

Thank you very much!
Skedlinks User: ahrefs
I was asked to write a short review what I think about skedlinks after using it for half a year.
Honestly, link building is so easy now. Just a few clicks and the link building for a whole month is done.
I focus now on building websites and content instead of loosing time with link building.
That how I set up more than 5 sites a week. My income has trippled sind I am able to build so much more sites with my new "free time". So in conclusion: I love skedlinks and the time savings.
Skedlinks User: AlphaSoft
I first watched the youtoube video and decided to give skedlinks a try. Even because of my friends who recommend to take a look here
My link calendar is used to drive power to my tier links I build manually. It works pretty well.
In some small niches I get my tier1 links (wordpress,blogger,blogspot etc) ranking next to my site on first page.
I like to order process and to receive a discount at bulk order user. Paying with PayPal is easy and nice.
Skedlinks User: Biing